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The name Rabid can mean different things to different people. Frothing, drooling, in a total state of ecstasy, pumped about surfing and the surfing life, or just that feeling that only a surfer knows. Surfers are searchers by nature, forever looking for better waves. We often have to travel to find it, and enjoy the journey as well.
Gitcha board, gitcha plane ticket, and Get Ya Growl On!

Definition: Rabid (adjective) -- marked by excessive enthusiasm for, and intense devotion to, a cause or idea; "rabid surfer"


Factory Expansion

We had such good feedback from some of the best customers on the planet that we decided to build a bigger and better manufacturing facility - to improve the quality and raise the production level of our boards. After the shop is finished and we are back under production and are able to get back in the black, we will also be doing balsa and finless boards. We also hope to start setting up to build CompSand boards after we get a vacuum bagging system set up. CompSands (composite sandwich construction) are real wood skins over a lightweight EPS core, then glassed and cured in a vacuum bag system. This allows lighter weight glassing with the same or greater strength. It is much more labor intensive, but the end product is well worth it. We think you will be pleased with the improved quality of our surfboards with the newer manufacturing facility!


The shop is still under construction, but it is nearing completion. Check out some of the custom boards and shapes we will be doing, and the fin setups we will be installing. We have also added a page for rockers & concaves (shapes) and a page for surfboard foam comparisons (materials). The info page may answer some of your questions about ordering and shipping a board, as well as our privacy policy and terms of service. We also have an inStock page for cheaper or discounted surfboards, overstocked boards, or slightly used R&D boards. That page may even turn into our store front with shopping cart features eventually. We still have much work to do on the website also. You can also check the distributors page for surf shops carrying our boards near you. There is also a materials page if you are curious about the poly vs epoxy question.


Your patience is very much appreciated while we finish construction on the new shop and continue to add more content and images to this site.


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